From Sunday November 26th

(correct as of 30/10/2017 09:00 but subject to further change and confirmation).

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Girls Small Sided Game Fixtures

(Note: Please ensure you cross reference with Monday’s Herald to allow for errors)

DateTeam / DivCompHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus
Sun 26/11U10 RubyMGL LeagueLakelands U10 RubyvGreystonesSt Tiernan's1:00
Sun 26/11U11 CyanMGL LeagueLakelands U11 CyanvIDLESt Tiernan's
Sun 26/11U12 Premier SouthMGL LeagueLakelands U12 Premier SouthvMount MerrionSt Tiernan's10:00B Coleman
Sun 26/11U12A SouthMGL LeagueLakelands U12A SouthvMount MerrionSt Tiernan's11:00B Coleman
Sun 26/11U13A SouthLiam Farrell Cup 1stLakelands U13A SouthvLucanSt Tiernan's12:00B Coleman
Sun 26/11U14 South EastMGL LeagueLakelands U14 South EastvIDLESt Tiernan's

Small Sided Game Fixtures

(Note: Please ensure you cross reference with Monday’s Herald to allow for errors)

DateTeam / DivCompHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus
Sun 26/11AcademyDDSL AcademyLakelands Academy EmeraldvBlessington AFCSt Tiernan's10:30
Sun 26/11U8 BlueDDSL LeagueBroadford RoversvLakelands U8 BlueBroadford Park12:00Change from 12:30
Sun 26/11U8 OrangeDDSL LeagueLakelands U8 OrangevTempleogueSt Tiernan's11:30
Sun 26/11U8 GreyDDSL LeaguePark CelticvLakelands U8 GreyCabinteely Park10:30
Sun 26/11U8 SilverDDSL LeagueMount MerrionvLakelands U8 SilverDeer Park1:30
Sun 26/11U9 GreyDDSL LeagueLakelands U9 GreyvVeronaSt Tiernan's1:30
Sun 26/11U9 EmeraldDDSL LeagueKnocklyonvLakelands U9 EmeraldDelaford Park12:30
Sun 26/11U9 NavyDDSL LeaguePark CelticvLakelands U9 NavyCabinteely Park12:30
Sun 26/11U9 PurpleDDSL LeagueLakelands U9 PurplevBallyoulsterSt Tiernan's12:30
Sun 26/11U10 BDDSL LeagueLakelands U10 BvKnocklyonBalally Hill11:30
Sun 26/11U10 B1DDSL LeagueLakelands U10 B1vKilleglandBalally Hill1:30Change from 10:30
Sun 26/11U10 CDDSL LeagueLucan UnitedvLakelands U10 CAirlie Heights11:30
Sun 26/11U10 D1DDSL LeagueJobstown CelticvLakelands U10 D1Jobstown Park11:30
Sun 26/11U10 FDDSL LeagueLakelands U10 FvBallyoulsterBalally Hill12:30
Sun 26/11U10 F1DDSL LeagueLakelands U10 F1vHowth CelticBalally Hill10:30Change from 1:30
Sun 26/11U11 BDDSL LeagueLakelands U11 BvTerenureBalally Hill12:30
Sun 26/11U11 C1DDSL LeagueLakelands U11 C1vAungier CelticBalally Hill10:30
Sun 26/11U11 DDDSL LeagueLakelands U11 DvSt Joseph's BoysBalally Hill1:30
Sun 26/11U11 D1DDSL LeagueDundrumvLakelands U11 D1Meadowbrook1:30
Sun 26/11U11 EDDSL LeagueLakelands U11 EvSt Mary's BoysBalally Hill11:30
Sun 26/11U12 Division 1DDSL LeagueLakelands U12 Division 1vIDLESt John of GodsIDLE
Sun 26/11U12 Division 4DDSL LeagueLakelands U12 Division 4vKnocklyonSt John of Gods12:30D Wills
Sun 26/11U12 Division 5DDSL LeagueLakelands U12 Division 5vIDLESt John of GodsIDLE
Sun 26/11U12 Division 6DDSL LeagueLakelands U12 Division 6vIDLESt John of GodsIDLE
Tues 28/11U12 Division 6DDSL LeagueArdmorevLakelands U12 Division 6Peoples ParkOFFOFF

11-a-side Fixtures

DateLeague DivisionTeamCompHome AwayPitchTimeReferee
Sun 26/11SDFL U13U13AFriendlyLakelands AvTBCSt. TiernansTBCN/A
Sun 26/11DDSL U13 Div 4U13BLeagueLakelands BvClontarfBearna Park11:00A Wardick
Sun 26/11SDFL U16 PremierU16ALeagueLakelands AvGranada ALeopardstown Park10:15John Molloy
Sun 26/11SDFL U18 Lg Cup Gr 4U18League CupTerenure RangersvLakelandsElkwood Park10:15Kurt Kelly

Balally Pitch Assignment