No results from Sun Feb 9th 2020

All games cancelled.

MGL Girls Small Sided Game Results

DateTeam / DivCompHome Away
Sun 02/02U12AMGL LeagueSwords Manor0 - 1Lakelands U12A
Sun 02/02U13AMGL LeagueNewbridge TownOFFLakelands U13A
Sun 02/02U14AMGL LeagueDunboyne AFC0 - 1Lakelands U14A
Sun 02/02U16AMGL LeaguePortmarnock AFC0 - 1Lakelands U16A

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DDSL Small Sided Game Results

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DateTeam / DivCompHome Away
Sun 02/02U11A1DDSL LeagueLakelands U11A1 South0 - 1Beechwood FC
Sun 02/02U11DDDSL LeaguePortmarnock FC0 - 1Lakelands U11D
Sun 02/02U11EDDSL LeagueMarino FC1 - 0Lakelands U11E
Sun 02/02U11FDDSL LeagueLakelands U11F1 - 0Stepaside FC
Sun 02/02U12-2DDSL LeagueLakelands U12-21 - 0Larkview FC
Sun 02/02U12-6DDSL LeagueLakelands U12-60 - 1Stepaside FC
Sun 02/02U12-7DDSL LeagueLakelands U12-7OFFLarkview FC

11-a-side Results

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DateLeague DivisionTeamCompHome AwayNote