Saturday September 23rd to Sunday September 24th 2023

Please re-check this page throughout the week and then check with league secretaries for details of any subsequent changes or cancellations. Click here for contact information.

Boys U8 to U11 Fixtures

DateLeague DivisionCompH/A/NOppositionPitchTimeRefereeStatus
U8s Born 2016
Sun 24/098 Sun YellowLeagueATerenure RangersBushy Park10.00Confirmed - Changed time
Sun 24/098 Sun GreenLeagueAKnocklyon UtdBallycullen Park10.00Confirmed - Changed time and venue
U9s Born 2015
Sun 24/099 Sun SilverLeagueALucan United FCLucan Utd FC, In School opposite Clubhouse10.00Confirmed - Changed time
Sun 24/099 Sun GreenLeagueAGreystones Utd AFCWoodlands11.00Confirmed - Changed time
Sun 24/099 Sun YellowLeagueASt Joseph's AFCPearse Park, Sallynoggin12.00Confirmed - Changed time
U10s Born 2014
Sun 24/0910 Sun Div 5LeagueHRaheny United FCMarley Park Pitch 1 B10.00Confirmed - Changed time
Sun 24/0910 Sun Div 7LeagueHDundrum FCMarley Park Pitch 1 B11.00OK - Changed time
Sun 24/0910 Sun Div 12LeagueHHarolds CrossMarley Park Pitch 1 B12.00OK - Changed time
U11s Born 2013
Sun 24/0911 Sun Div 3LeagueATallaght TownAndy Moore Park10.15Confirmed - Changed time and venue
Sun 24/0911 Sun Div 8LeagueHCorduff FCMarley Park Pitch 1 A10.00Confirmed - Changed time
Sun 24/0911 Sun Div 11LeagueHGranada FCMarley Park Pitch 1 A11.00Confirmed - Changed time

Boys U12 to U18 Fixtures

DateCompetitionHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus
Sat 23/9U15 Sat Div A1LakelandsvGreystones UnitedLeopardstown Park11:00TBATBC
Sun 24/9U12 Sun Div 3LakelandsvGreystones UnitedSt John of Gods12:00TBA
Sun 24/9U12 Sun Div 7LakelandsvArthur Griffith ParkSt John of Gods11:00TBA
Sun 24/9U12 Sun Div 10LakelandsvCabinteelySt John of Gods10:00TBA
Sun 24/9U12 Sun Div 11BelgravevLakelandsBluebell Astro10:00TBATBC
Sun 24/9U13 Sun Div 3GlasnevinvLakelandsAlbert College Park11:00TBATBC
Sun 24/9U13 Sun Div 7CorduffvLakelandsCorduff Park11:00TBATBC
Sun 24/9U13 Sun Div 9LuskvLakelandsColle Maher Park, Lusk
K45 RY80
Sun 24/9U14 Sun Div 5Manortown UnitedvLakelands5 Acres Perrystown11:00TBATBC
Sun 24/9U14 Sun Div 7LakelandsvSwords CelticLeopardstown Park10:15TBAConfirmed
Sun 24/9U15 Sun Div 6Ardmore RoversvLakelandsBallywaltrim, Bray11:00TBATBC
Sun 24/9U17 Sun Major 1Newbridge TownvLakelandsStation Road13:00TBATBC
Sun 24/9U17 Sun Div BLakelandsvSwords CelticLeopardstown Park12:00TBAConfirmed
Sun 24/9U18 Sun Div AMount MerrionvLakelandsTBCTBCTBATBC

Senior Men Fixtures

DateCompetitionHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus
Sun 24/9Senior Premier (A)DrumcondravLakelandsPhoenix Park11:00TBC
Sun 24/9Senior Premier (B)LakelandsvPark OrientClub Italiano11:00TBC

Girls U8 to U19 Fixtures

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