Fixtures on Sunday Jan 26th 2020

Correct as of 25/1/2020 at 12:00

Please re-check this page throughout the week and then check with league secretaries for details of any subsequent changes or cancellations. Click here for contact information.

Girls’ Fixtures

(Note: Please ensure you cross reference with Fixtures Secretaries to allow for errors)

DateTeam / DivCompHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus
Sun 08/12U12AMGL LeagueLakelands U12AvMaynooth TownBalally Hill13:00M GilysConfirmed
Sun 08/12U13AMGL LeagueLakelands U13AvKilnamanagh U13ABalally Hill10:30M GilysConfirmed
Sun 08/12U14AMGL LeagueLakelands U14AvDrogheda FCBalally Hill11:45M GilysConfirmed
Sun 08/12U16AMGL LeagueMalahide UnitedvLakelands U16AMalahide Castle13:00Noel DowlingConfirmed

Boys’ Small Sided Game Fixtures

(Note: Please ensure you cross reference with Fixtures Secretaries to allow for errors)

DateLeagueCompHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus
Sun 26/01U8 BlueDDSL LeagueLakelands U8 BluevNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U8 YellowDDSL LeagueLakelands U8 YellowvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U8 GreyDDSL LeagueLakelands U8 GreyvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U9 RedDDSL LeagueLakelands U9 RedvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U9 YellowDDSL LeagueLakelands U9 YellowvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U9 GreyDDSL LeagueLakelands U9 GreyvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U10BDDSL LeagueLakelands U10BvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U10CDDSL LeagueLakelands U10CvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U10EDDSL LeagueLakelands U10EvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U11A1DDSL LeagueLakelands U11A1 SouthvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U11DDDSL LeagueLakelands U11DvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U11EDDSL LeagueLakelands U11EvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U11FDDSL LeagueLakelands U11FvNo GamesSt Tiernan's
Sun 26/01U12-2DDSL LeagueWayside CelticvLakelands U12-2Pearse Park10:30Tony Bell
Sun 26/01U12-6DDSL LeagueLeixlip UtdvLakelands U12-6Leixlip Amm Centre10:30Martin Byrd
Sun 26/01U12-7DDSL LeaguePortrane CelticvLakelands U12-7Benmadigan Road10:30Stephen Horgan

Boy’s and Seniors’ 11-a-side Fixtures

(Note: Please ensure you cross reference with Fixtures Secretaries to allow for errors)

DateLeague DivisionTeamCompHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus
Sun 26/1DDSL U13 Div 2U13ALeagueLakelandsvSt FrancisBearna Park10:30Noel Byrne
Sun 26/1DDSL U13 Div 5U13BLeagueLakelandsvSheriff YCBearna Park11:45Noel Byrne
Sun 26/1DDSL U13 Div 7U13CLeagueLakelandsvTallaght TownMarlay Park 610:30Liam ByrneChange of pitch
Sun 26/1DDSL U14 Div 4U14ALeagueLakelandsvNO FIXTURENo fixture
Sun 26/1DDSL U14 Div 5U14BLeagueLakelandsvPortrane AthleticBearna Park13:00Noel Byrne
Sun 26/1DDSL U15 Div 1U15ALeagueLakelandsvCabinteelyMarlay Park 611:45Liam ByrneChange of pitch
Sun 26/1DDSL U15 Div 2U15BLeagueLakelandsvEsker CelticMarlay Park 613:00Liam ByrneChange of pitch
Sun 26/1DDSL U17 Div A1U17ALeagueCabinteelyvLakelandsKilbogget Park All Weather11:45Alex ByrneChange of time.
Sun 26/1DDSL U17 Div B1 League CupU17BCupLakelandsvSt MaelruansStepaside All Weather13:00Mark McGrath
Sun 26/1DDSL U17 Div B1U17BLeagueLakelandsvArdmore RoversN/AN/AN/ACancelled
Sun 26/1LFL Dalton CupU19ACup R2Firhouse CarmelvLakelandsFirhouse School11:00TBC
Sun 26/1LFL Dalton CupU19BCup R2LakelandsvPark CelticLeopardstown Park13:00Christy KeatingChange of time.
Sun 26/1LFL PremierSeniorLeagueLakelandsvDynamo DublinLeopardstown Park11:00Christy Keating