Sunday December 4th 2022

Please re-check this page throughout the week and then check with league secretaries for details of any subsequent changes or cancellations. Click here for contact information.

Girls/Women Teams Fixtures

DateTeam / DivCompHome AwayPitchTimeRefereeStatus

Boys Small Sided Game Teams Fixtures

DateLeague DivisionCompH/A/NOppositionPitchTimeRefereeStatus
U8s Born 2015
Sun 04/128 Sun YellowLeagueAMount MerrionDeerpark11.30Confirmed - Changed time
Sun 04/128 Sun GreenLeagueAGranada FCMount Albany11.00Confirmed - Changed time and venue
U9s Born 2014
Sun 04/129 Sun YellowLeagueH Knocklyon UtdMarley Park Pitch 1 C10.30Confirmed - Change time and venue
Sun 04/129 Sun GreenFriendlyHRailway UnionMarley Park Pitch 1 C11.30Confirmed
U10s Born 2013
Sun 04/1210 Sun Div 3 (A)LeagueHParkvaleMarley Park Pitch 1 B10.30Confirmed - Change venue
Sun 04/1210 Sun Div 5LeagueHKnocklyon UtdMarley Park Pitch 1 B11.30Confirmed - Change time and venue
Sun 04/1210 Sun Div 8 (B)LeagueHKnocklyon UtdMarley Park Pitch 1 B12.30Confirmed - Change time and venue
U11s Born 2012
Sun 04/1211 Sun Div 3LeagueHSt FrancisMarley Park Pitch 1 A10.15Confirmed - Reverse Fixture
Sun 04/1211 Sun Div 7LeagueAGranada FCHolly Park11.30Confirmed - Change time and venue
Sun 04/1211 Sun Div 10LeagueHVerona FCMarley Park Pitch 1 A11.30Confirmed - Change time and venue
Sun 04/1211 Sun Div 11LeagueHTempleogue UtdMarley Park Pitch 1 A12.45Confirmed - Change time and venue
U12s Born 2011
Sun 04/1212 Sun Div 1LeagueHSt FrancisSt John of Gods Pitch11.15David BrowneConfirmed - Change time and venue
Sun 04/1212 Sun Div 4LeagueHSt Malachy's FCSt John of Gods Pitch10.00David BrowneOK - Change time and venue
Sun 04/1212 Sun Div 8LeagueAShankill FCShanganagh Park Pitch 310.00Confirmed - Changed time
Sun 04/1212 Sun Div 10LeagueHNewlands/Castle ParkSt John of Gods Pitch12.30David BrowneConfirmed - Change time and venue

Boys and Mens 11-a-side Teams Fixtures

Sun 4/12U13 Sun Div 3LeagueHKnocklyonLeopardstown Park10:15Michura KrzysztofChange of time and ref
Sun 4/12U13 Sun Div 5LeagueAStella MarisDublin Port Stadium, Richmond Road12:15Paul CoakleyChange of time
Sun 4/12U14 Sun Div 4LeagueAHowth CelticCeltic Park10:00Ref confirmedChange of time.
Sun 4/12U14 Sun Div 6LeagueASt John VianneyBelmont Park12:45Derek PoutchChange of pitch and time
Sun 4/12U16 Sun Div ALeagueHCabinteelyLeopardstown Park11:30Michura KrzysztofChange of pitch
Sun 4/12U16 Sun Div CLeagueAEsker CelticHermitage Park13:00Darragh BurkeConfirmed
Sun 4/12U16 Sun Div DLeagueAMount MerrionMarlay Park Astro12:00Sam Cooke Change of pitch and time
Sun 4/12U17 Sun Div D LeagueAArdmoreBallywaltrim11:00Billy FreelandConfirmed
Sun 4/12U18 Sun Div CLeagueHWayside CelticLeopardstown Park13:00Michura KrzysztofChange of pitch, time and ref
Sun 4/12U21 Div BDalton Cup Rd 2HPark Celtic Sen PremStepaside All Weather12:00Gary BaileyChange of pitch and time
Sun 4/12Senior PremierLeagueAEnniskerryStepaside Astro11:00Paul HutchinsonConfirmed