Code of Conduct

The aim of Lakelands Football Club is to provide all players at our club with the best footballing experience. This will be achieved with the full co-operation of Players and Parents with Managers/Coaches, in a safe and friendly environment. Lakelands FC Code of Conduct includes details of our Child Welfare policy , Recruitment policy , Codes of Conduct etc.

Code of Conduct for Managers / Coaches

  • Managers / Coaches should respond in a timely manner to text / e-mail communications from the club committee
  • Managers / Coaches should arrive early before training sessions and matches to ensure sufficient preparation time
  • Managers / Coaches must ensure they bring all the necessary gear to training sessions. i.e. Bibs. Balls, Cones
  • Managers / Coaches should wear proper training gear at training sessions. i.e Boots or trainers, track suit or shorts, football socks
  • Managers / Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players during training sessions and matches
  • Managers / Coaches should be aware of, and try to implement, the coaching plan of the club as advised by the Director of Coaching
  • Managers / Coaches should ensure that their players football experience is one of fun, enjoyment and improvement in skill. They should encourage participation and fun and promote the development of skills as opposed to winning at all costs
  • Players should never be shouted at, lectured or ridiculed for making mistakes or losing a game. Managers / Coaches should be generous with praise when it is deserved
  • Managers / Coaches should encourage good sportsmanship from players and parents before, during and after games as well as demonstrating sportsmanship themselves
  • Managers / Coaches should have the safety of their players as their first priority at all times
  • Managers / Coaches should demonstrate respect for referees at all times. They should let referees concentrate on the game and accept the inevitable occasional mistakes
  • Managers / Coaches should actively discourage children/young players from abusing referees, officials, team mates or opponents and insist on FAIR PLAY (take off offending players)
  • Managers / Coaches should act as a good role model for the players and teach them to respect different cultures

Code of Conduct for Players

  • Players should play according to the laws and spirit of the game
  • Players should respect your fellow players, bullying will not be tolerated
  • Players should be on time and be prepared for matches and training sessions
  • Players should display self-control in all situations. Never use foul or abusive language – before, during or after a game or training session
  • Players should train and play to the best of your ability, have a positive attitude, and encourage others to do the same
  • Players should respect the opposition. Treat them as you would like them to treat you
  • Players should respect the referee. Never dispute his or her decisions. They are only human and they make mistakes, just like you
  • Players should turn up for training and matches in appropriate and clean clothing
  • Players should wear the right appropriate footwear for the particular event i.e. Boots/Astros
  • Players should always wear shin guards

Clean your own boots/trainers!

Club Regulation for Parents / Carers

  • Be your child’s best fan and support him/her unconditionally
  • Parents/carers must not coach from the touchline during matches or training. Leave this to the manager/coach or you may cause confusion and erode your child’s confidence.
  • When you take your child home after a match or training session, please be supportive and always focus on the positive aspects of his or her game
  • Parents/carers should develop a responsibility in your child to pack his or her own kit, clean his or her boots and take a drinks bottle (full of water or squash only) to practice and games
  • Parents/carers should respect the facilities at our opponents’ grounds
  • Parents/carers should not criticise your child’s coach to your child or other parents. If you are not happy with the coach you should raise the issue with the coach
  • All issues should be directed through the coaches and never brought up directly with any children
  • Parents/carers should encourage your child to speak with the coach. If your child is having difficulties in training or games, or can’t attend training etc. encourage him/her to speak directly to the coaches. This responsibility taking is a big part of becoming a mature person. By handling off the field tasks, your child is claiming ownership of all aspects of the game
  • Parents/carers should help your child to focus on the performance and not the result. Remember – winning is not as important as the performance
  • Parents/carers should support all the players in your child’s squad. Do not criticise anyone. Remember children don’t mean to make mistakes
  • Parents/carers should not criticise the opponents, their parents or their officials
  • Parents/carers should never audibly dispute a referee’s decision. They will make mistakes occasionally. We all do. If you abuse or shout at the referee you are breaking the rules of the game and risk generating a fine for the club. In extreme circumstances we could even be expelled from the League, be forced to play all our games away or play without any spectators present
  • Parents/carers must not enter the field of play

Please remember the game is for the children. It is not for the glory of the coach, manager or parents