Child Welfare

Role of Child Welfare Officer

To act as a point of contact in all issues relating to the Welfare of young people and to ensure all appropriate documentation and forms are completed in accordance with the FAI Policy and Procedures for the welfare of young people in soccer.

Duties include:

  •     Ensure the club has a Child Protection Policy and implementation plan
  •     Ensure Codes of Conduct are well publicised and adhered to
  •     In consultation with the HSE Welfare Officer, ensure all reported incidents are managed in line with FAI procedures
  •     Ensure all relevant club members are aware of training opportunities
  •     Ensure all parents are aware of the club policy on Child Protection and the correct protocols for voicing concerns
  •     Be aware of local HSE and Area Child Protection Committee contacts

Joanne Balfe is the Child Welfare Officer for Lakelands FC
Joanne can be contacted on 087 6301073 or